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Covid-19 - the effect on businesses

We are in unchartered territory at the moment.  Some businesses have their staff dispersed and working from home and others have staff on furlough.

Companies where staff are keeping the country going during the outbreak will have overworked and stressed staff to deal with.

What can you do?

If you have staff who are experiencing mental health problems, we can support them by delivering counselling on Zoom or on the telephone.  We can normally get a first appointment within a week.

If you want to provide this support for your staff you can refer them directly by clicking this link

What are we doing?

While we are in lockdown, we're running some online webinars to help staff who are working from home - please share this lik with them so they can join if they would find it helpful.

Working from home - how can my personality impact on my mental wellbeing?

Find the details of what is covered in this document.

Working from home - How your personality can affect your mental health

Has your business been impacted by the mental wellbeing of your staff?

Nationally, mental ill health is costing companies £30 billion per year.  That is not just people being off work ill, but the fact that when they come into work when they aren't well they don't operate at 100%.  When you consider the figure that 37% of people experiencing problems get into conflict with colleagues, and 48% are less patient with customers, it's easy to see why workplace mental health is becoming a big issue.

A tailored solution for you

We have professionals in our organisation with HR, conflict management and team building experience who can provide you with a tailored solution to the problems you might be facing.

The list of services we can provide is detailed below:

  • Staff counselling
  • Supervision for managers and front line workers
  • Crisis support/drop in counselling sessions
  • Supervision for Mental Health First Aiders
  • Workshops for specific topics
  • Conflict resolution
  • HR/mental wellbeing advice
  • Team building


“I appreciate the support that North East Counselling Services has given me. I really needed to speak to someone about how I felt as I wasn’t speaking to anyone at all and felt very isolated.”

Free presentations for managers and employees

To introduce you to North East Counselling Services, we are providing 2 presentations, each lasting 1 hour, to be presented in your workplace.  The presentations are delivered by our Commercial Director, Carol Smith.  She has delivered the presentations over the last year to over 100 local businesses.  These are intended to be information giving sessions and we don't ask attendees to share any personal information.  Carol is available to contact after the presentation for any extra questions attendees have.

Improve your mental wellbeing at work

Improve your mental wellbeing at work is a presentation for employees - it will get them thinking about some of the things they do without realising it which can have an impact on their behaviour and therefore their mental wellbeing.  It will also give them tips about how to understand what is not going so well at the moment.


A presentation for managers. It will encourage early identification of the signs staff display when they are experiencing mental health problems.  It will help them to think about how to deal with difficult conversations with staff and find out the best way to communicate with them.

Book 2 sessions back to back

(with a 15 minute break)

You can have either both of the same session or one of each depending on your staff need.

When you book, you will recieve a confirmation with a copy of the handouts which you can send to attendees before the training.

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