Executive Director at Coutts

When one of the top financial institutions puts information on their website about mental wellbeing – and the story of one of their executives – it must be cause for celebration.  There are lots of people who struggle at work but don’t want to be seen as “weak” because they are experiencing stress or depression.  If mental wellbeing is going to be taken seriously in the work place the culture must change – and this must come from the top if the staff are to believe that the company aren’t just paying lip-service to putting something in place.

NECS Works has been set up to help companies in the region achieve an effective mental health solution – to get the most appropriate support quickly for their staff.  We can even help you write your mental health policy.

Supporting staff through a mental health problem doesn’t have to be expensive or involve lots of time off work – with the right support in place people can work through whatever is causing them the problem in a lot of cases.  The most important thing is staff knowing where to go to get the help – and most importantly, not being afraid to speak out early.  The earlier you can start to help the better it is.

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