Why am I not happy with my life?

Sometimes we feel unhappy and have no idea why. It can leave you feeling like you have a hole in your stomach that you’re unable to fill.

You may try to find ways to fill this hole through retail therapy, changing jobs, ending relationships or by trying to do as many tasks as possible in the hope it will make you feel complete. These may sound like things that could help a person but, if they aren’t the solution to the problem, you’ll struggle to fill in the hole. This could be why, despite your best efforts, you just feel unhappy – you haven’t found your solution.

That being said, it’s important to work out what the problem is first.

There are hundreds of reasons why you might feel unhappy, so try looking at different things in your life and think about how they really make you feel so you can address any issues. You can do this either by yourself- with the aid of self-help tools – or you could try talking about it with a friend.

Once you’ve worked out what the problem is, you can then start looking for ways to fill the hole. There are a number of things you can do depending on what the issue you’re facing is. For example, if you’re unhappy because you’re struggling with your workload, don’t think you have to quit your job to make you feel happier. You could try speaking to your boss and work on a solution with them.

So, if you feel unhappy, start looking at the reasons why and work on making improvements in you life before you reach for the credit cards or make any drastic changes.

If you start to feel overwhelmed, you may want to consider speaking to a counsellor who’ll be able to help you process your thoughts and help you to put things in place to make you feel happy again.

If you would like to discuss how you feel with someone, you can contact us on 0191 4661314 or email us info@necounselling.org.uk. We are also able to offer support to individuals throughout the UK via telephone and video call appointments.

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