If you are in a relationship at the moment, how is it standing up to the pandemic?  Having someone in your life can be fantastic - they can help you to be your best self and give you support through life's ups and downs.

Sometimes though, those ups and downs can put strain on your relationship.  What was once a safe place can become almost like a battleground.  Sadly, lots of relationships end without the couple getting help.  There is a lot you can do if you see support when the "niggles" start to show.  Accessing relationship counselling when things start to go wrong can be a very positive thing to do.

We can help you to think about your differences and the things that you have in common.   It's a safe space to talk about what is happening for both of you - and discuss the future.  Even if your partner doesn't want to come for counselling with you we can work with you to help you make decisions.

If you feel that couples counselling is for you, register now.  We can normally get your first appointment arranged within a week.  Counselling is charged at £40/session.

If counselling isn't for you check out our free resources.

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