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You  might be feeling uncertain right now - it's been a tough time.  We know that lots of people are struggling at the moment, but  not everyone feels counselling is right for them.

We've put together some really useful resources to help you when you are struggling.  They are available online whenever you need them.  Some of them have been recommended by our counsellors and some of them have been put together by NECS and have been found to be useful.

We've also put together some recordings of our three directors, Carol, Lynn and Marj (aka NECS three wifies) talking all things mental health.  We'll discuss the topics of the day and give you our take on it.  We'd really welcome your feedback on what we discuss.

We've also taken a look at the person who's in the chair opposite you - our counsellors.  We thought coming for your first counselling session would be less daunting if you could see and hear the counsellors and realise they are human and not scary.

We hope that they are helpful - let us know if there are other topics you would like us to cover.

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