Hello, my name is Alan Scott. I have been a Person Centred and Integrative counselling practitioner for the past 18 years, and for me, counselling is an amazing process that celebrates who we all can be.

My approach is humanistic, which recognises that you are a unique human being. Your counselling journey will also be unique and will adapt to fit around you and your potential.

You will be safe, and I will hear you, your feelings and your pain.

My approach puts you at the heart of everything that is talked about. Our journey will start, revolve around, and end with you, on your own terms.

I am experienced in working with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, trauma, unresolved personal issues, self-esteem, couples issues, and especially LGBTQIA+.

I have worked for many professional bodies, and helped people of all ages find their path again.

Let’s find your path together.

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