NECS appoints Chair and Business Development Manager


NECS appoint new members to build on our success

In a move that anticipates the region’s ever-growing mental health challenges, North East Counselling Services (NECS) has appointed two key members to our busy team.

As a local social enterprise, we’ve recently celebrated our tenth anniversary and we look forward to our future success.and offers free and affordable counselling to individuals, couples and young people across the region.

NECS commitment to reducing mental health:

At NECS we are committed to offering both free and affordable counselling to individuals, families, couples, carers, war veterans and children and young people across the region. We aim to help reduce the stigma of mental health and help those who may suffer from issues such as anxiety, stress, anger

Our Chief Executive Officer, Marjorie Hunter says,

“Mental health issues are a rising problem for people in the north-east as they are across the UK. Many people will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime, or simply need some time with a professional counsellor to clarify their feelings. We aim to improve access to help by offering counselling services delivered by a team of 50 professionally qualified therapists.

“Every person that comes to NECS has unique needs. We pride ourselves on tailoring our service to meet every individual’s personal requirements.”

To help NECS deal with the continually growing demand for their services we believe that the time is now right to bring two new members of the team onboard.

The new faces at NECS are Business Development Manager Carol Walker and business consultant George King, Chairman.

Carol Walker – Business Development Manager:

Carol, who’s been with us at NECS for 12 months now, has a background in the chemical sales industry, she trained as a therapist for a national charity before moving into office management. Her commitment to helping people to help themselves has resulted in her now taking on the challenging role of NECS Business Development Manager. We are really excited with the work Carol has already helped us with and look forward to future developments. Carol is truly an asset to our business.

George King: Chairman

Dunston-based George King, who runs his own business consultancy, Glengyle Consultants, will be developing new high-level strategies to help us move NECS forward. George spent 18 years in the Royal Navy and has recently made good use of his problem-solving skills working with small and medium-sized enterprises helping them to develop and maximise opportunities. With a reputation for calm precision, George brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and dynamic thinking to NECS. We welcome George to our team and we are delighted that he can help us develop and grow with his vast experience. George states:

“I’m amazed at how much work NECS does and how effectively they change people’s lives.  Unfortunately, mental health issues are increasing across the UK but people are also more willing to discuss problems, such as depression and anxiety-related disorders, as traditional stigmas are removed. I can see a very busy future for NECS but we need to be focused on our way ahead so that we can deliver what our clients need without having to endure large waiting times or unreasonably high fees that frankly many people who need our services can’t afford.”

NECS customer satisfaction survey shows that 91% of our clients said that they had benefited from counselling and a staggering 98% said that they would recommend a friend to use their services. We believe we provide a quality counselling service to a broad range of clients and we must share our thanks to all of our counsellors who have helped us so far.

We look forward to the future with ou new appointments and we hope to continue in delivering support to combat mental health.

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