North East Counselling Services can provide tailored solutions within your school.

Often, it's the pupils who are the focus when a counsellor is brought into school, but we know that staff members can also struggle with their mental health because of the pressures they face on a day to day basis.

If the worst happens and there is a crisis in the school where do you turn for support?

North East Counselling services can provide all of the services you need to ensure your pupils and staff are mentally healthy.

  • Counselling for children and young people aged 4+
    • Ad hoc
    • Annual contract
  • Counselling for staff
  • Supervision for staff/SLT
  • Crisis support
    • Group sessions
    • Individual support
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team building
  • Tailored workshops for staff and pupils
  • Peer support training for pupils
  • Free workshops for staff and managers

What is counselling?

Counselling is an intervention that children, young people or adults can voluntarily enter into if they want to explore, understand and overcome issues in their lives which may be causing them difficulty, distress and/or confusion. A counselling relationship has identified boundaries and an explicit contract agreed between the young person, counsellor and, where appropriate, parent or carer.

We can provide tailored support to pupils aged from 4 to 18 within your school and we will establish a referrals process, safeguarding and provide you with a counsellor that meets your needs.

If you have one child who needs some support for a short time, or you want a counsellor on site for a number of days per week, we can provide it.  Our counsellors are all supervised in house to ensure the high quality of counselling we provide is maintained.  If you counsellor is ill for a period of time we have other counsellors who can help us to continue to provide you with a service.

What is supervision?

Supervision is a process that adults who are dealing with difficult situations can enter into.  Supervision allows that person to explore their feelings around the difficult topic they have been working with and to develop their skills by working with an experienced clinical supervisor.  We can provide supervision for groups of up to 10 staff on a regular basis and this enables you to provide emotional support to your staff in a cost effective way.

Individual supervision can be provided if required.

If you would like to find out more on how we can help children and young people in your school, or if you need support for staff, please give our Commercial Director, Carol Smith, a call on: 07384818745 or email:

You can also book a meeting by clicking this link

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