Presenteeism – What is it? And is it real?


Is presenteeism real and what is it?

Let’s start with what presenteeism is? Presenteeism is about being present in the workplace for more hours than required and can develop due to insecurity in your job. Is this a problem and is it real?

An article in personnel today states that employees lose 30 days a year due to absence and presenteeism. But is presenteeism real and does it really make a difference to your business?  If you have an employee working 5 days per week, when you take off holidays etc, 30 days could amount to 13% of the time you are paying them to work.  And while people don’t have their nose to the grindstone 100% of the time they are at work, a drop in productivity of 13% could make a huge difference.

At NECS Works we know that anxiety about something can paralyse people.  People who are worrying about medical tests, relationship problems, children outside of work will be just as badly affected as people who are worrying about their job or their workload.  With the best will in the world, you can’t leave all of your troubles at the entrance door.

If you have workers who are just staring into space when they are meant to be emailing, or being rude to customers or colleagues or even taking more time off than usual, then it’s worthwhile trying to find out what is going on.  Helping them to address the issues they are struggling with will help them to be more productive and happier to be at work.

NECS Works can run resilience workshops, offers employee counselling for individuals, and help managers to get the most out of their staff.  92% of our clients say that our support has helped them, and 98% would recommend us to family and friends.  Find out how you can help you staff to be present more of the time.

NECS Works is part of North East Counselling Services CIC, a leading provider of counselling in the local community, which has been established for more than 10 years with 98% of clients surveyed stating they would refer friends and family to NECS. We also deliver counselling on behalf of NHS Commissioners and Local Authorities among others.

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