Meet Sally – The CEO, Who’s Tired Of Staff Problems


Meet Sally, the CEO of WeWorkHard, who’s tired of dealing with staff problems that are generally nothing to do with work!

This is Sally – she started the WeWorkHard company on her own 10 years ago, and she didn’t realise what a success it would become but is struggling with staff problems.  She’s had no experience in managing people and she just wants to keep her head down and get on with work and wonders why everyone else doesn’t do the same.  It’s not that she’s unsympathetic, but work is her life and she doesn’t understand what problems other people might have.

Sally recognises her business has grown beyond her dreams and inside she feels that she’s lost control, particularly with staff problems. Control is a big part of Sally’s life, she’s even been called a control freak. Letting go is an issue and Sally find’s it difficult to delegate or trust others to do a job as good as her.

She just wants a simple life again, when it was just her!

What can Sally do to help herself and overcome these staff problems?

It’s a difficult situation, not everyone is a manager but you can learn management techniques. However, Sally may benefit from a mentor, who can help Sally prioritise and understand personal skills she needs to develop.

Sally may even discuss her management style with her team or managers to find out areas of improvement.

Something Sally may not have recognised in herself is that the level of control she uses causes problems with her team and herself. Is this something that needs to be looked at further?

Sally may need to delegate some of her works to others to have the appropriate skills.

Sally may need some time out herself, for some self-reflection, to understand what her own goals are and how she will achieve them.

It may be that dealing with people is not her strong point so either delegate or improve her own interpersonal skills. If improving interpersonal skills, Sally needs to understand herself and how she communicates with others. Her controlling nature may be an issue that is causing issues with team members and also herself.

This is something NECS Works can help Sally with.

How NECS Works can help:

NECS Works can provide employee counselling for Sally to help her understand the challenges she’s facing. Employee counselling can help with a range of difficulties staff are facing, giving a safe and confidential place to talk about their issues. Employee counselling helps individual staff to come to terms with their issues and develop their own coping strategies to build resilience, confidence and help them to overcome their problems.

An advantage of using NECS Works is that they have a broad range of counsellors to choose from, matching the right counsellor to the staff member or individual. There are rarely waiting lists and the problems or issues are not put on any medical notes or records. NECS Works will simply deal help the employee or staff member to come to terms with their issues and plan a way forward.

NECS Works can also deliver workshops for businesses in areas such as “mental health awareness”

Your staff are your key assets, NECS Works can help you as an owner/manager to deal with the difficult areas of staff’s personal issues that may reduce productivity in the workplace. We are experts in the field, so we can deal with the problems you don’t want to handle. Running a business is hard enough.

What NECs Works can help business owner/managers with:
  • Employee counselling
  • Workshops around specific topics
  • Crisis support – drop-in or group work
  • Workplace Mediation
  • Mental health policy development and review
  • Coaching
NECS Works is part of North East Counselling Services CIC, a leading provider of counselling in the local community, which has been established for more than 11 years.
98% of clients surveyed stated they would refer friends and family to NECS. We also deliver counselling on behalf of NHS Commissioners and Local Authorities among others.
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