Meet Olivia – The HR Manager (postnatal depression)


Do you know someone like Olivia, who’s struggling Postnatal Depression at your work?

Olivia is your HR manager.  She has just come back to work after maternity leave and WeWorkHard is really worried about her, she could be struggling with postnatal depression.  She seems to have developed OCD or something that is causing her to act strangely at work and people are beginning to notice that it’s getting worse.

She often seems sad, where she was once always joking and laughing she just seems to get no joy out of life.  She’s always exhausted and she just doesn’t seem to have the energy to talk to people anymore.  It’s almost like she is dreading going home – and if she does talk, she tells everyone about the mistakes she’s made with the baby.

You don’t want to talk to her about it as you are afraid you will upset her and then what would you do, but you are concerned for her health and think she may have postnatal depression.

How can you help Olivia with Postnatal Depression?

You could highlight all of the great things Olivia is doing with the baby. If you are a parent yourself you’ll understand that it’s not easy.

Even if you upset Olivia, you still need to have that conversation. Providing some support and understanding at work will help.

Perinatal mental health problems affect between 10 to 20% of women during pregnancy and the first year after having a baby, Post Natal Depression can have long-lasting effects on women and their families if not treated early.

You could ask Olivia if she has contact with her Mid-Wife or family worker and asks what support is available.

NECS Works can help Olivia with employee counselling and that can help build confidence and help her discuss things with her GP.

How NECS Works can help:

NECS Works can provide counselling for Olivia (and her family) to help tackle the issues of postnatal depression. Employee counselling can help with a range of difficulties staff are facing, giving a safe and confidential place to talk about their issues. Employee counselling helps individual staff to come to terms with their issues and develop their own coping strategies to build resilience, confidence and help them to overcome their problems.

An advantage of using NECS Works is that they have a broad range of counsellors to choose from, matching the right counsellor to the staff member or individual. There are rarely waiting lists and the problems or issues are not put on any medical notes or records. NECS Works will simply deal help the employee or staff member to come to terms with their issues and plan a way forward.

NECS Works can also deliver workshops for businesses in areas such as “mental health awareness”

Your staff are your key assets, NECS Works can help you as an owner/manager to deal with the difficult areas of staff’s personal issues that may reduce productivity in the workplace. We are experts in the field, so we can deal with the problems you don’t want to handle. Running a business is hard enough.

What NECs Works can help business owner/managers with:
  • Employee counselling
  • Workshops around specific topics
  • Crisis support – drop-in or group work
  • Workplace Mediation
  • Mental health policy development and review
  • Coaching
NECS Works is part of North East Counselling Services CIC, a leading provider of counselling in the local community, which has been established for more than 11 years.
98% of clients surveyed stated they would refer friends and family to NECS. We also deliver counselling on behalf of NHS Commissioners and Local Authorities among others.


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