Employees not getting enough sleep?

This excellent article Stress: The modern-day affliction of a business world by Aurum Gold Ltd.
On reading the article it touches upon mental health in the financial services sector and how a lack of sleep can have an impact on performance. Despite working more hours, staff in the UK have low productivity.  Is lack of sleep the problem?  The article points out a whole range of problems lack of sleep can cause from obesity to irritability.  When you consider that lack of sleep can be caused by stress or simply working too much, staff can find themselves in a vicious circle.  Especially if lack of sleep is causing less productivity at work due to lack of concentration.
If you don’t already have some well-being support at work it might be worth considering talking to the local Better Health at Work Awards people. They can help you put some things in place which will raise awareness of the problems of lack of sleep and help with healthy eating, exercise and stress reduction.
Lots of people experience insomnia at times, but you need to watch out for staff members who are really struggling as it may be caused by work or home problems which can be addressed quite easily, or getting help early could stop a major problem occurring in the future.
If you need help with mental health in the workplace get in touch.
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