Managers causing mental health problems at work?


A study has revealed how managers may cause mental health issues with staff at work.

This shocking study, from London Loves Business, reveals that 58% of respondents felt that their managers aren’t equipped to deal with staff experiencing mental health problems – and some even felt that their manager was causing mental health problems at work.

Lots of managers get to the position because they are great at their job – but not everyone likes managing people.  If your people skills aren’t the best, it can be bad enough managing staff when things are going well, but what about if they are having problems?  

How do your react if someone gets upset in front of you?

We get lots of training about technical aspects of the work we do, companies invest a lot into training to keep up with the latest technology, software . 

If you are a manager you might get training into how to conduct back to work interviews or disciplining staff, but what about how to actually listen to people, sit with their stress and even be ok around people who are upset.  You probably won’t get training on that.

How can NECS Works help?

NECS Works can support managers in a number of ways – we can teach them the skills they need when people are experiencing problems.  

We can also offer them either group or individual support if they need supervision on how things are going.  This is in the form of supervision and it allows them to deal with issues as they come up – and explore the impact it is having on them. 

If you have managers in your team who need some help contact Carol, NECS Works on 07875060239.

NECS Works is part of North East Counselling Services CIC, a leading provider of counselling in the local community, which has been established for more than 11 years.

98% of clients surveyed stated they would refer friends and family to NECS. We also deliver counselling on behalf of NHS Commissioners and Local Authorities among others.

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