Counsellors in primary schools

Counsellors who work in schools know how valuable their work is.  They see young people at a time when things aren't going well for them.

Young children might not know when they need help.  They often don't have the words to explain.

Sometimes their parents spot the signs.  Sometimes it's the school.  If they can get quick access to a trained counsellor quickly it can be of real benefit.

Does counselling for children work?

We were delighted to read this report by our colleagues at Place2B.  The report looks at how children, often in need of a lot of support, improve at both school and home.  Unusually they have been able to carry out studies for more than a year and found that the effects of the counselling are long lasting.

Counselling helps children achieve positive outcomes as they grow up.  They learn tools to improve their resilience which last a life-time.  And, what's more they will be open to more support in the future.

It's not just the children

What's also interesting is the fact that the support given by Place2B isn't just for the children.  They carry out work with families too.  Sometimes helping a child if their home situation hasn't improved is futile.  By bringing the family into the help, the whole family can develop the tools they need to create a stable home.

Where can I get help for my child?

NECS provide counselling for children aged 4+ and we passionately believe that allowing children to access support quickly is vital to a mentally healthy life.  It's fantastic to have the research to prove that it's money well spent to have a counsellor in school.

If you feel that your child needs help, we can provide counselling privately.  We'll  normally offer the first appointment in a week.  You can register your child here.

If you live in Newcastle or Gateshead you can access counselling via the Single Point of Access and ask for your child to be seen by NECS.  This means that your child will be seen free of charge.

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