Accountants suffer mental health issues


Research reveals 30% of accountants suffer mental health issues which is more than general population

Research by CV Library has shown that 30% of accountants suffer from mental health issues and 51% of them say that depression and anxiety leave them dreading going to work.  Bear in mind the general population reports 25% of people experiencing mental health problems then we can see why it is very important to accountancy firms to put some plans in place to help.

Are you an accountant or do you manage a team of accountants?

43.5% of accountants have said that their job was the key factor for their mental health and that means that it is becoming increasingly important to employers to make sure they can help their employees when they need it so they don’t lose them to either sickness or leaving their job.

So if you are managing accountants what can you do to provide support?

Firstly the culture has to be right.  How do you all deal with people who are struggling?  Do they get mocked, or sidelined?  If the culture is not right then you can’t convince people they can get help at work.

Secondly, do you have a mental health policy in place?  If not, it’s important to have one which is written, circulated to everyone, and followed – with designated people to coordinate it.

Where would your staff get support if they needed it?  Do you have an employee assistance programme in place?  Have people used it?  Does it suit your needs?

Are your staff just expected to go to the NHS – bearing in mind waiting lists can be up to 6 months before a first appointment?

NECS Works can help if you are based in the North East.  We will look at what is going on in your organisation and then formulate a plan.  We can train managers, help you write your mental health policy, offer employee counselling, or supervision for managers.  

Get in touch with NECS Works if you are needing support in dealing with mental health issues in the workplace.


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