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Founded in July 2006, NECS has provided counselling and therapy to over 10,000 clients in Gateshead and Tyne and Wear. We have worked to help with a variety of challenges including depression, anxiety and stress-related disorders, helping people to “live their lives.”

We pride ourselves in tailoring our service to you by making sure you have the most appropriate counsellor.

Our feedback shows: 93% of our clients say that counselling helped them and 98% say they would use us again if they needed to.

If you have any questions about counselling and how to access it, please give us a call.  Our friendly team will be able to talk you through what will happen and book your first appointment.

NECS has a portfolio of over 50 counsellors who practise across a wide range of modalities(specialities) which is why we can tailor our support to you.

All of our counsellors undergo enhanced DBS checks and receive clinical supervision every month.

As an organisation, we are registered with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and adhere to the codes reflecting the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

We'd like to introduce you to some of our team.


Lead supervisor/Safeguarding lead



Office Manager


Finance Manager



Counselling lead


Contract counsellors

Contract counsellors are employed by NECS to deliver counselling.  They work in a wide variety of settings including NECS offices, GP surgeries, schools and factories.  Click on the image of the counsellor to find out more about them and see the feedback they have received from clients they have worked with.

Associate counsellors

Associate counsellors are fully qualified counsellors who are self-employed.  They deliver counselling on behalf of NECS in a variety of sessions.

NECS ensure the quality of the counselling they provide is high by using our safe recruitment process and providing supervision using internal supervisors.

Our valuable team of associates allow us to provide a flexible and timely service to our clients.

Probationer counsellors

Probationer counsellors are in two types.

The first type have completed their 100 hour post qualification placement.  They deliver 50 sessions for NECS to get them used to less supervision, carrying out assessments and working with more complex cases.  Once this 50 hours is completed they can apply to become an associate counsellor with NECS.

We also work with counsellors who, for a variety of reasons, may have stopped counselling for a while.  In this instance they won't be able to get a current reference, so we work with them to bring them back into counselling in a supported way.

Placement counsellors

Training to be a counsellor is a long process.  All counsellors experience a minimum of 3 years learning in college learning theory and skills.

Once they achieve level 5, they need to have a placement with a counselling agency to help them to qualify.  NECS have been working with counsellors on placement since 2006.

We ensure they work safely by giving 2 hours of supervision each month.  They gradually learn more as they progress through their hours.

We are passionate about improving the status of counsellors across the North East which is why we enable counsellors to have the support they need to become paid counsellors.

If you see a placement counsellor, you will be working with someone who has dedicated years to their dream of helping people.  And, because NECS are experienced placement providers, we ensure that we recruit the best.

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