A big thank you to Asda at Gateshead Metrocentre

NECS provide counselling to thousands of children and young people aged 4-11.

Each counselling session is tailored to the child or young person with the counsellor taking time to get to know them. and finding the best way to help them talk about what's bothering them.

Lots of our clients find it much easier to open up when doing something creative or playing a game, which is why we want to give a big thank you to Asda at the MetroCentre in Gateshead for donating a huge amount of craft items and games to us.  They will certainly be put to good use in the sessions we run every year.

We're finding more and more children being referred in for counselling because of anxiety.  Problems at home, pressure from school or bullying can cause anxiety.  Sometimes the young person can't communicate how they are feeling and it comes out as a tantrum or an angry rant.  Counselling can really help because it can help the child to understand what they are feeling, and understand how to express that.  The counsellor can also help your child develop coping strategies so they deal with their feelings in a different way.

Learning to understand your feelings and communicate effectively are skills that will set you up for your adult life too.  By working with children when their problems are starting can have a huge beneficial effect on the mental health of the adult population.

Did you know, 50% of adult mental health problems start before the age of 14 and 75% start before the age of 21.

So, Asda have really helped us to improve mental health with their very kind donation.

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