For parents

for parents

Parenting is a tough job!

NECS knows that lots of parents are worried about the mental health of their children.  We've seen the increase in children accessing counselling since 2006.

Research shows that 50% of all adult mental health problems start before the age of 14 and 75% start before the age of 21.  Improving the mental wellbeing of children can improve the mental wellbeing of the entire population.

We work closely with the NHS to provide counselling to children in Gateshead and Newcastle aged 4+.

All of our counsellors are fully qualified to work with children and young people.  NECS ensures they receive the supervision they need to keep them and our clients safe.

We understand that getting support quickly is important so we try to offer a first appointment within a week.

Our counsellors work in schools and in our centres in Gateshead.  They can also deliver counselling online for older children and young people.

If you live in Gateshead and would like some support for your child, you can out more information here

We can provide counselling privately. Counselling with NECS costs £45 per session.

If you would like to access counselling but can't afford to pay, we sometimes have funding to enable us to offer  it free of charge. Give us a call on 0191 4661314 or email to see if we can help you.

How do I know if my child needs counselling?

Often parents notice changes in their child but don't always know how to find out the cause.

We notice that children who are referred to us are experiencing anxiety, anger and behavioural problems.  This is because they often don't know how to communicate what is going on for them.  Children often pick up on what is happening if there are problems at home or school.  Anything that makes them feel insecure could have an impact on their mental wellbeing.

If their behaviour is affecting their life, their school life or your family then counselling might help.  Spotting problems early and getting support quickly is important and reduce the overall impact.

Are there things that I can do to help my child?

NECS has some free resources which can help you in between sessions, or if you don't want to come for counselling and you just need some ideas of things that can help.

Book suggestions from our counsellors

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