Counselling for Couples

Relationships aren't always easy - but they can be improved. If you watch the TV or films, relationships are either wonderfully romantic or filled with turmoil.  The reality is likely to be somewhere in between.

As couples, we face situations which really highlight how different we are as individuals.   These moments can be lifechanging and make or break a relationship if we let them. Relationship counselling will allow you to think about what each of you want from the relationship.  It can give you the time and space to explore your own feelings in an safe and friendly environment.  The counsellor will guide you through a process to help you achieve the outcome that is right for you both.

Counselling with NECS costs £50 a session for couples

NB. From 1st October 2023 NECS sessions will cost £60 per session for couples.

This has been a very difficult decision to make and although we have tried our utmost to keep expenses low, our operating costs have increased significantly due to recent global factors.

Give us a call on 0191 4661314 or email to see if we can help you.

Who is couples counselling for?

Counselling is for couples who feel that they don't know where to turn next. It's best to seek support through counselling when you feel the niggles start in a relationship, rather than leave it until you are arguing all of the time.

Couples counselling can get you really thinking about who you are and understand your partner.  We  learn how to be in a relationship from the example of our families. Counselling can help you to identify what might be going wrong.

How does couples counselling work at NECS?

  1. You contact us to book your first appointment, which we’ll aim to schedule in within a week
  2. Be sure to fill in contact details for each person attending - including a separate email and telephone for each person
  3. During your first appointment, we’ll get to know you and understand the issues you’re going through.
  4. You'll then each have an individual session with the counsellor so they understand what is going wrong and find a way forward
  5. Ongoing sessions as a couple will take place following these individual sessions if appropriate

We know that the way you feel about your counsellor is one of the most important parts of counselling.  We've got counsellors of all ages, genders and backgrounds so we are bound to have someone you will work well with.

Are there things that I can do to help myself?

NECS has some free resources which can help you in between sessions, or if you don't want to come for counselling and you just need some ideas of things that can help.

Call 0191 466 1314 to arrange an appointment. Alternatively, email or register with us using the button below.

We want to get you the right help as quickly as possible, and to make this help as affordable as we can. Waiting for months to see a therapist can often make the situation worse so we aim to get you in for your first appointment WITHIN ONE WEEK of hearing from you.

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