NECS Mental Health Clinicians

NECS has been providing counselling since 2006 across the North East of England. Over the years we have greatly expanded the range of work we do.

We now deliver counselling to Children (4+), Young People, Schools, Businesses, Individual adults and couples.  We also provide a mixture of face to face, teams and telephone counselling. Our vision is to create a world where counselling is affordable and accessible to anyone who needs it.

Placement Counsellors

The application process for Placement Counsellors is now closed and we have filled all our placement opportunities for 2024.

Information regarding placements for 2025 will appear here in due course.

Probationer Counsellors

We have no vacancies for Probationer Counsellors at present.

NECS recognise that a career as a counsellor isn't easy.  We want to help newly qualified counsellors who feel they need some more experience with different client groups and those who have been out of counselling for a while to build their confidence and start on their career path.

We welcome applications from counsellors who have completed their level 5 counselling qualification and their 100 hours placement.  We want to help counsellors to take their counselling to the next level.  This opportunity would be a 50 hour volunteer opportunity. You will not be paid for the counselling sessions you deliver, but your supervision will be provided free of charge and we will provide clients and accommodation.  Our aim is to give you the confidence to continue your counselling journey.

Associate Counsellors

We have no vacancies for Associate Counsellors at present.

As our business grows, we will sometimes have the need to work with counsellors who can deliver counselling sessions on our behalf.  If you are a self-employed experienced counsellor looking for some extra counselling hours, we may be able to help.

When we do have opportunities, we are keen to hear from counsellors who have a range of skills, can provide current references and are willing to deliver counselling outside of normal office hours, including weekends. We've got counselling rooms in Blaydon and Pelaw and we work in schools across Newcastle and Gateshead.  We are also keen to hear from people delivering by telephone or online. Our Associate counsellors are self-employed and are paid £20/hour.  We would provide supervision for the NECS clients you work with as detailed below:

  • 1-7 NECS clients 30 minutes of supervision
  • 8-15 NECS clients 60 minutes of supervision
  • 16+ NECS clients 90 minutes of supervision

If you do not work with sufficient clients to access 90 minutes of supervision free of charge,
you can access the excess you need for your BACP registration at a cost of £35/hour.

We work with a client management database for our appointments and to keep our client data secure, so you must be comfortable working with IT. Being an associate counsellor with NECS also allows you to apply for any contract counselling opportunities that arise with NECS. If you would like to have a chat about the opportunities we have call 0191 4661314. Or use the button below.

Contract Counsellors

We have no vacancies for Contract Counsellors at present.

Associate Supervisors

We are always keen to hear from Experienced Supervisors who would like to provide supervision for NECS counsellors. We are particularly keen to work with supervisors who are experienced children's and couples counselling supervisors. If you are interested in a being an Associate Supervisor you can apply at any time. Please see the job specification and email to express your interest.


If you are a Private Counsellor who would like to access Supervision with NECS please contact
stating what kind of supervision you need and when you need it and we will contact you to give you a price

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