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For business

Why should I care about my employees mental health?

Poor mental health is costing employers around £30 billion per year.  It's not just staff members taking time off sick, it's people coming into work when they aren't at their best.

Over the last few years there has been a lot of research into improving mental wellbeing of staff.  These figures show why poor mental health is costing business so much money.

  • 48% find it hard to multitask
  • 85% find it difficult to concentrate
  • 64% find it takes longer to do tasks
  • 37% of sufferers in conflict with colleagues
  • 48% less patient with customers

It's not just the level of how they function that is lower, but the fact that there could be conflict in the workplace.

Even worse your reputation could be damaged by an employee who hasn't got the patience to deal with your customers.

Does it have to be the company doing the support?

Other research has shown that staff are more likely to stay in work or take less time off if they feel they are supported.

It's also important to remember that experiencing mental health problems is not a sign of weakness or inability to cope

What kind of support can I offer?

  • Ensure you have a health strategy which covers mental health
  • Educate your managers so they feel comfortable talking to people about their mental health.
  • Identify the right support for your organisation - NECS can provide professional mental health services
  • Circulate our free resources to help you support your staff.

Do I need to pay for counselling for my staff?

We know that every company is working to a different budget.  Some organisations can afford to provide counselling for staff and family members and others struggle from week to week to keep their finances in check.

If you have an employee who is struggling with their mental health, it is good to signpost them to their GP.  However, it's worth knowing though that the Talking Therapies they access via their GP is not counselling.  The waiting lists for this service vary from area to area, but your employees might be waiting from 1 month to 18 months for support.

NECS can provide first appointments within a week.  This means that your staff member get the support they need, when they need it.

Some companies fund a maximum of 6 counselling sessions (total cost £300 + VAT) and some will pay the invoices and then operate a salary sacrifice scheme to all their staff to pay over a period of time.

Even if your staff member is having problems in their relationship, or their child is suffering we can offer support at the same price for couples and children.

How do I refer my staff member for counselling?

  1. Complete the form on our website for your employee
  2. In the comments section ensure you let us know who to send invoices to and how many sessions you are willing to fund for your employee
  3. Also let us know who to contact if we need to ask for more sessions to be sanctioned
  4. We will contact your staff member to arrange their first appointment
  5. We’ll then match them to the counsellor who best fits your needs for your sessions going forward.
  6. We'll invoice you every month for the sessions your employee has attended (or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice)
  7. We will never disclose the content of the sessions unless we feel that your employee is in danger or would be dangerous to other people

Support for staff in stressful roles

NECS has been providing supervision to people who work in stressful environments.  We work with teachers, community workers, carers, call centre staff and managers.

We offer supervision to groups of staff which allows them to develop an effective peer support network.  We provide a clinical supervisor to ensure that everyone is working safely and protecting their mental health.  This is a cost effective way to provide mental health support to staff.

What about a crisis?

We've got a large number of counsellors who can provide support to your team in the event of a crisis.

We've worked with organisations where a death at work has occurred or an accident.  We'll work with you to ensure we are giving your organisation the right support for everyone.

Why should I trust NECS?

NECS has been around since 2006.  We provide around 1000 counselling sessions per year to employees at present.

Annually we provide around 10,000 sessions of counselling to 1,500 people across the north east.

Every counsellor who provides support under the NECS name has been interviewed and DBS checked to ensure we always provide a high quality of counselling.

With NECS you are in safe hands.

Don't just take our word for it.  Here are some comments from the people we've worked with...

Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums

Carol delivered on-line sessions to all our line managers giving them advice on how to support their staff if they are having problems at work.
It was really easy to organise, we have had some great feedback and also really appreciated the resources that were shared after the sessions.

Julie Westgarth - HR Advisor


Newcastle Gateshead CCG

The service we have received from Carol at NECS has been amazing, from start to finish Carol listened to our needs and developed a bespoke programme of support for our staff which  has been invaluable, we cannot thank her enough for her professionalism and the way she just intuitively “gets it” and pitches her sessions just right.

Christopher Piercy - Executive Director of Nursing Patient Safety and Quality in the CCG


Carol has provided a range of free sessions for our employees and Managers which have been invaluable in helping RTC North ensure the mental health and wellbeing of our employees while they are predominantly working from home.  The sessions are delivered professionally and the workbooks provide a useful reference tool to reinforce learning points after the sessions.

The NECS team are very approachable and I would recommend their services without hesitation.

Mica MacInnes - Head of Learning and Development and HR

Hillary's Blinds

We have been using NECS for over a year now, and have counsellors come on site once a week. Having counsellors on site has been an integral part of our wellbeing plan, helping to support our colleagues when they need it most, and also helps to remove the ‘taboo’  around the topic of mental health and seeking support.

Beth Hatchett - HR Manager

Why refer your staff for counselling?

It all worked well for me, I guess when in crisis however you need rapid initial access and sometimes even a week seems like forever to be seen, helped, rescued or prevented from doing something more regrettable.

Carry on! More companies need to adopt a proactive and responsive service to staff in crisis. Save and help your staff and you will gain a more committed and resilient staff member for the future, saving time and money to recruit and train a replacement. It makes perfect empathic and economic sense.


Client referred by counselling by employer

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