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Off to university? Don't forget to look after your mental health

Starting university is a rush of emotions.  Pride, disappointment, excitement, nerves and many others.

We know that mental health problems are increasing.  We also know that how you react to change can have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing.  Which is why going to university can be so dramatic.  It is a mass of changes all in one go.  You'll be meeting new people, learning new skills and may be facing living alone for the first time.

It's  no wonder you might feel stressed.  Especially considering all of the change you have already had to deal with.


What should I be considering?

There is some great information here to get you thinking about your first few days.  It puts a lot of emphasis on making friends.  One thing to bear in mind though, is that you need to keep up your mental energy to socialise so much.

In order to maintain your mental wellbeing, it’s really important to understand the kind of person you are and where you get your energy from.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

If you’re interested in learning where your personality sits, you can complete the test via this link.

Once you’ve completed the test, does it make sense why you might feel exhausted or energised by socialising?

If you are an introvert, do you just want to curl up in a ball after lots of nights out? If you are an extrovert are you drained when you spend time on your own?

It's not just extroverts who can talk to people and be sociable.  Introverts can have a great time in a crowd and seem really confident.  They just need to top up their energy by being alone.

People who are extroverts might be quiet in a group. It's being part of the group that gives them their energy.

Keep your energy up!

Stay aware of your energy levels - if you are feeling tired it can have an impact on your mental wellbeing.  Try to understand if it's the emotional energy that is drained and not your physical energy.  You might be tempted to keep socialising and just use caffeine or sugar to keep you going.  If you try to do too much that could have a detrimental affect on you.  Get to know yourself - it's good for your mental health.

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