There are many common psychological and emotional conditions you could be going through right now including anxiety, abuse, stress, agoraphobia, low self-esteem, depression, grief, panic attacks, alcohol misuse, paranoia, and even suicidal thoughts.

If you are experiencing any of these conditions due to relationship problems you can work with a counsellor individually (through our individual counselling) or alternatively, and if your partner agrees, you can opt to have a counsellor who is experienced at working with a couple in the room.

Who is couples counselling for?

Couples counselling is for any couple who is struggling to overcome their differences. It’s also a safe place for an individual to discuss a mental health issue they feel their partner may be contributing to.

Each couples counselling session is facilitated by a counsellor that specialises in helping couples come to productive resolutions to issues that they’re facing.

How does couples counselling work?

We want to make sure that couples counselling is right for you - which is why we always carry out an assessment appointment first - this session costs £40 and lasts around 50 minutes.

During couples counselling, you and your partner will both get an opportunity to talk and say what you need to. Your counsellor will be experienced in helping you understand and appreciate what each other is saying in a clear and non-judgmental way, and they will help guide you towards productive communications that will help you overcome your relationship issues.

Throughout your couples counselling sessions, your counsellor will explore the root cause of the problems you are facing and help you to work out what your possible next steps might be.

If you need some support at this difficult time in your life, we can provide you with private couples counselling at £40 per 50-minute session at all of our locations.  We can provide couples counselling by Zoom too.  Usually, sessions take place weekly and we have found that the average number of sessions is 6-8.

If you are experiencing sexual problems, then it might be that psychosexual therapy is the correct option.  We always carry out an assessment with an experienced couples counsellor first of all to make sure that you receive the correct counselling for you.

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