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Counselling For Children and Young People

NECS can help children as young as four.  Young children can be anxious or upset for a wide variety of reasons . Our experienced counsellors use age appropriate  techniques to understand what is going on and help them to become more settled.

Older children are under more and more pressure these days – from exam stress, hormone changes during adolescence, peer group pressure, and deciding what to do when they leave school.

Social media (eg ‘cyber-bullying’) can also cause problems with their image and confidence.

We work with children and young people from the age of 4-18 to help them understand what impact various influences are having on their life and how to improve it.

If you are a parent and concerned about your child, we can help. You may have identified that your son or daughter is withdrawn, feeling low and not communicating with you as normal. We have specialist counsellors who can help by putting your child at ease and helping them to talk about issues and provide solutions.

We've got some tools that you can use with your child to help them to feel calm if they are getting anxious or upset.

We provide an environment where children and young people can feel safe and supported

North East Counselling Services provides specialist counselling services that focus on the needs of children and young people.

Life can be difficult at times in your childhood and teenage years.  This is because so much is changing and developing and it happens very quickly.  It can feel unpredictable.  There can be additional pressures like exams, relationships, bullying, family problems, bereavement and much more which have a significant effect on how you feel. Talking to a counsellor in total confidence can help you understand your situation. We will help you to explore the choices you have. You will develop your own solutions, and allow you to get on with making the most of your life.

If you are a parent and concerned about your child we can help. You may have identified that your son or daughter is withdrawn, seems low and feel that they will not communicate with you. We have specialist counsellors who will put your child at ease and help them to talk about issues and provide solutions. 

Common issues we regularly identify with children and young people include:

  • Carer Responsibilities
  • Bereavement
  • Bullying
  • Drug and alcohol issues
  • Isolation
  • Low self esteem
  • Family issues
  • Stress and anxiety

If you are a parent and have a son or daughter that would benefit from counselling we can offer private counselling to children and young people aged from 4 to 18.

Our sessions cost £40 each and for 50 minutes and after your first session, we can offer 25 minute sessions for £25.

In some instances we can provide face-to-face counselling, or we can provide counselling to children aged 8+ via Zoom or telephone.

To book an appointment email us or call 0191 466 1314


If I was not referred for counselling I do not believe I would be in the position I am in today, beginning to feel good about myself and my future

Young person, Gateshead.

Feel good, keep safe and don’t get myself into trouble, always in school achieving my grades, stay out of trouble more positive now.

Young person, Gateshead.

Your service has proved to be invaluable and very much appreciated by the students and is a very welcome support to current school’s structures

Teacher, Gateshead.

We have come to rely on and really appreciate the excellent work your counsellor is doing with our young people

Teacher, Gateshead.

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