Rising Numbers of Young People Seeking Support For Mental Health Issues


NHS have published figures revealing more and more young people are needing help with Mental Health issues.

The data reveals that over 240,000 under 19’s contacted the NHS for mental health services support, a 7.3 per cent rise from March 2016. This accounts for about a fifth (20%) of all enquiries  received. The results also show an increase in young people seeking help for eating disorders. Source: content.digital.nhs.uk

The chief executive of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), Hadyn Williams, said: “These figures only serve to further highlight the need for school-based counselling.”

“We believe that all children and young people of school age across the UK should have equal access to professional, qualified counselling services in their schools. Which is why school-based counselling is something that BACP has long campaigned for.

“Children in Northern Ireland and Wales have access to a school counsellor through government supported national programmes, while in England provision remains patchy.”

North East Counselling Services strongly believe the counselling should be made available in all schools. Our own data reveals that counselling can make a great impact on children’s lives at a very early age and provide them with coping strategies to become resilient. We work in a number of schools and we know the difference it can make for both the child/young person, teachers and families.

As we face more austerity, we need to plan for the future, by providing counselling at a young age is a preventative measure, rather than reactive. Counselling can make a difference, children and young people need support.

We can reveal with our own work with children and young people the top four issues they face:

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