How do I communicate? Part 4 of 4 self-help guides from North East Counselling Services


How to communicate effectively to get the best results

NECS have compiled a number of self-help exercises for you to use to help you discover who you are. At NECS we use similar self-discovery tools to help individuals evaluate how they feel and to map their own progress. This is the final part 4 of 4, How do I communicate? (Part 1 is entitled Who Am I? and Part 2 is Where Is Your Life Now? Part 3 is It’s just being me).

Do you find that you often end up in an argument because either you or the other person has reacted to a statement in an unhelpful way?

Communication is something we all have to do as effectively as possible but sometimes the words you say aren’t always interpreted in the way you meant them, so we want to help you communicate effectively to get the best results.

Find out more as to why communication is so important in our lives and understand as to how you communicate with others.

How do I communicate – FREE download here

This is the final part of a series of self-help guides, provided by our team at NECS. If you require further help with any issue you may be facing please get in touch.

North East Counselling Services aims to banish health and social care inequalities. Our service is preventative, lessening the impact on traditional healthcare providers and organisations and ensuring individuals receive the emotional care they require.

North East Counselling Services believes that counselling is a process by which people of all ages are helped to gain fresh insight, to have a different perspective and to find motivation. Over a series of one to one sessions in a confidential and supportive setting, counselling can help you make changes in your life. Counselling facilitates the sharing of thoughts and feelings. It aids the process of empowering people to discover their own answers and to feel more in control of their own life and relationships.

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