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North East Counselling Services  – the story so far…

North East Counselling Services was founded in July 2006 by carers as a result of personal experience. Incorporated as a Community Interest Company (CIC), we work for the benefit of the community and not for private advantage. We have a built in asset lock which ensures that any profits are passed back into the community and not taken as dividends.

Since its foundation, North East Counselling Services has provided counselling and therapy to over 10,000 clients in and around Gateshead and South Tyneside.

We have worked to help with a variety of challenges including depression, anxiety and stress related disorders. Clients have included carers, ex-service personnel and other ‘hard to reach’ groups such as children and young people (through our outreach work in schools). 93% of our clients said that counselling helped them.

Our Vision

North East Counselling Services wants to create a world where counselling is available and accessible to anyone who needs it.

North East Counselling Services believes that counselling is a process by which people of all ages are helped to gain fresh insight, to have a different perspective and to find motivation.

Over a series of one to one sessions in a confidential and supportive setting, counselling can help you make changes in your life. Counselling facilitates the sharing of thoughts and feelings. It aids the process of empowering people to discover their own answers, and to feel more in control of their own life and relationships.

As an organisation we are registered with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and adhere to the codes reflecting the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy and have policies and practices in place reflecting this. Our policies and procedures are available upon request.

We can provide follow on support or group support if you feel that counselling is not right for you, or if you have completed counselling but would like to ensure your recovery continues.

Don't just take our word for it.  Here are some comments from the people we've worked with...

Gateshead Link Workers

"I just wanted to thank you and all of the team as I have had great feed back from many patients saying what a difference North east counselling has made to them and what lovely people the counsellors are. This is for me the best bit of my job referring to people I can trust to support the people I support and seeing the result.

I think you should all be very proud of the work you do making a huge difference to people who really need help and support at some of their lowest points in their lives.

I can't thank you all enough!"

Link worker - Gateshead

I'm so glad I used NECS

I was offered an appointment to suit me very promptly which was really important as I felt I needed the support of NECs very quickly. I thought my counselling was tailored to suit my needs.
I am so glad I used NECS. My counsellor Kathleen was fantastic. I felt that she was always listening to me and providing the support I needed at each appointment. The sessions were structured to my pace and goals and I am very glad I accessed NECs and that you are still providing face to face sessions in current covid times
Find out more about Kathleen

Advertise that you have autism informed counsellors

Advertise the fact that you have Autism informed counsellors – you would get many new clients, I’m sure.

Definitely make telephone-only counselling available to people who want it, even after the pandemic. Not having to monitor my body language meant I could focus on our conversation much better.

Having a counsellor who is familiar with Autistic communication and thinking styles was invaluable – it allowed me as an Autistic person to make great progress without having to worry about miscommunication.

Find out more about Alan

Thank you so much for providing such quality and effective services.

Sarah was receptive to my words and was able to help me to see alternatives. Sarah has a lovely way about her and is very easy to talk to. I was able to express myself fully and examine myself extensively with her professional and knowledgeable prompting.

Highly recommended. I have never had a counsellor I could connect with so easily and with whom I could fully explore my thoughts, needs and barriers. My mental health has significantly improved during our sessions. I don’t think I was fully aware of the extent my mental health was being affected when I made the referral. It is only looking back at our sessions I realise how low my mood had become and the extent I had stopped looking after my own mental health. Sarah helped me to work through the guilt and grief that was a barrier to all that and I can’t thank her enough

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Tim formed a great bond with my son

Relaxed atmosphere, very friendly.  Tim very supportive.

Tim was so lovely and patient and formed a bond with my son.

Find out more about Tim

Really listened to what I was saying

Becky really listened to what I was saying and understood me

Find out more about Becky

Tina was absolutely brilliant

I've had counselling before but always felt I didn't get the help or support I needed Tina was absolutely brilliant I felt I could open up fully to her

Find out more about Tina

A big thank you to Viv and the team

Very supportive in the way that I was listened to and how I discussed strategies with Viv.

A big thank you to Viv and your team for the support I received.

Find out more about Viv

Great service - keep doing what you are doing

Jackie was very kind and caring. She had a genuine interest and empathy. She made it easy for me to express what I was feeling and non judgemental.

Great Service. Keep doing what you are doing

Find out more about Jackie

My daughter opened up to Kathleen

My daughter says she felt able to open up to Kathleen without being judged.

She feels she is able to challenge her thoughts logically and has enjoyed each session and got so much from every one.

Thank you to Kathleen for all she has done to get my daughter through a difficult time.

The counselling has been invaluable and provided the support she needed at a very difficult and challenging time.

Find out more about Kathleen

Welcoming and friendly

Becky made me feel like my problems mattered. I actually felt listened to.

Welcoming and friendly

Find out more about Becky

Talking is the best way to help

Helen helped me in many ways , made me use my thoughts differently.

Yes to carry on as it is. It is a very good service, talking is the best way to help

Find out more about Helen

Counsellor really did make me feel like talking

Counsellor really did make me feel like talking and drew me out of myself, something I don't find easy.

She gave me space to talk and listened when I wanted to open up, helping me with my issues

Find out more about Gail

I found the service an invaluable source of support

I found the service an invaluable source of support during an extremely difficult period in my life. Bill was excellent. The investigation I was subject to went on for an extremely prolonged period and it was hugely beneficial that I was able to work with one counsellor throughout

Find out more about Bill

Thank you for your time and patience

Thank you for your time and patience, I am very grateful I could go and talk to someone about the way I am feeling

Find out more about Tina

Helen is a lovely person

Helen Eves has really helped me work through my issues, she is a lovely person and brilliant counsellor

Find out more about Helen

Vivienne was so caring

Vivienne was so caring. My daughter looked forward to the sessions, increased confidence through play.

Vivienne was so very sincere and my daughter was very fond of her

Becs was really easy to open to

Becs was really easy to open to and offered good advice. Service was quick to contact once referral had been made

Find out more about Bec

It all worked well for me

It all worked well for me, I guess when in crisis however you need rapid initial access and sometimes even a week seems like forever to be seen, helped, rescued or prevented from doing something more regrettable

Carry ON. More companies need to adopt a proactive and responsive service to staff in crisis.

Find out more about Bill

It helped me to achieve my goals

I have found the service has noticeably helped me achieve the goals I set out to when first starting and was very effective in this way

Find out more about Alan

I enjoyed the flexibility

I enjoyed the flexibility of being able to choose face to face or zoom when my appointments were & how the sessions were tailored to me

Find out more about Heather

I really liked Becky

"I really liked Becky , she was so nice to me and really helped me understand more about my anxiety and ways to deal with it ."

I'll never forget Steph

"It helped me change my life, the way I see life, relationships, my kids , my husband, myself. It helped me value myself.

As I told her, I will never forget her and what she told me in order to achieve what I wanted from the sessions and my life."

Sarah is an angel

"Sarah was personable and I liked her immediately, I’ve had a bad experience in the past due to not connecting with a counsellor but felt the opposite with Sarah.

She was just an angel. She’s fantastic and a credit to the service"


"Vivienne was a really good counsellor who I felt was both empathic and non judgemental about my situation.

It was a daunting experience when I first started the counselling but she recognised exactly the time I required further support and got this for me."

Nothing has compared to the quality of provision offered by Sarah

"Although I have had support before nothing has compared to the quality of provision offered by Sarah.

When I first started I was looking for a miracle or someone to tell me how to make my self 'better'.

What Sarah was able to do was allow me to articulate my deepest thoughts and regrets before giving me the space, support and guidance required to move forward on my journey. She allowed me to realise that my emotions and feelings were to be expected before discussing what progress looked like for me.

I would write pages and pages but importantly Sarah has given me an opportunity to get my life back on track and the tools to find happiness. For this I could never thank her enough.

13 sessions with Sarah has put me in a more positive place than I have been for 10 years. I will continue with the service privately as well."

The support I received was excellent

"The support I had was excellent because it allowed me to realise a lot and to be open and honest with myself in a space where there was no judgement and allowed me to grow and start to heal."

Becky was easy to talk to

"Becky was easy to talk to and that she was very understanding with the way how she would respond with advice about my situations and how Becky just listened."


Understanding, flexible, safe.

I felt comfortable

I felt comfortable and enjoyed the chats

The service is convenient

The service is: convenient, low maintenance, supportive, understanding, confidential

Connected to the problem I had

Connected to the problem I had. Linked me up with someone that could really help

My counsellor was wonderful

I am shielding, and the service was so accessible because I could have it via Zoom.
My counsellor was wonderful. I was a bit guarded at first, but she encouraged me by listening to what I was saying, and then finding very good ways to engage with me to open up, and express myself in ways that worked for me. There were a number of issues I had to deal with, and she was the one person I could talk to about everything in 'the round' without censoring myself. She gently brought me to a place where I can now say, I'm ok. I can deal. That is invaluable and she was brilliant.

Increased my self-esteem

Andrew gave me many ideas- increased my self-esteem.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Andy/your services

My counsellor was brilliant

My counsellor was brilliant, Bill met all the above criteria. venue was comfortable and accessible

Just a huge thank you, your service went beyond my expectations

Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums

Carol delivered on-line sessions to all our line managers giving them advice on how to support their staff if they are having problems at work.
It was really easy to organise, we have had some great feedback and also really appreciated the resources that were shared after the sessions.

Julie Westgarth - HR Advisor


Newcastle Gateshead CCG

The service we have received from Carol at NECS has been amazing, from start to finish Carol listened to our needs and developed a bespoke programme of support for our staff which  has been invaluable, we cannot thank her enough for her professionalism and the way she just intuitively “gets it” and pitches her sessions just right.

Christopher Piercy - Executive Director of Nursing Patient Safety and Quality in the CCG


Carol has provided a range of free sessions for our employees and Managers which have been invaluable in helping RTC North ensure the mental health and wellbeing of our employees while they are predominantly working from home.  The sessions are delivered professionally and the workbooks provide a useful reference tool to reinforce learning points after the sessions.

The NECS team are very approachable and I would recommend their services without hesitation.

Mica MacInnes - Head of Learning and Development and HR

Hillary's Blinds

We have been using NECS for over a year now, and have counsellors come on site once a week. Having counsellors on site has been an integral part of our wellbeing plan, helping to support our colleagues when they need it most, and also helps to remove the ‘taboo’  around the topic of mental health and seeking support.

Beth Hatchett - HR Manager

Why refer your staff for counselling?

It all worked well for me, I guess when in crisis however you need rapid initial access and sometimes even a week seems like forever to be seen, helped, rescued or prevented from doing something more regrettable.

Carry on! More companies need to adopt a proactive and responsive service to staff in crisis. Save and help your staff and you will gain a more committed and resilient staff member for the future, saving time and money to recruit and train a replacement. It makes perfect empathic and economic sense.


Client referred by counselling by employer

Webinar attendee 1 - 17/9/20

Very helpful presentation. Gave me some definite things to consider and work on for myself.

Webinar attendee 2 - 17/9/20

Thoroughly enjoyed the webinar and found it very informative with lots of resources to carry out my own assessment of my mental health. Carol made a 'scary' subject both accessible and entertaining with witty examples

Webinar attendee 3 - 6/10/20

Very eye opening . Need to digest information in relation to current situation

Webinar attendee 4 - 2/11/20

Presenter was engaging and brought humour to the webinar which is very much needed. More interaction may have been beneficial but it was a small group and it also balances out with the length of the session which was just right.

Webinar attendee 5 - 25/11/20

Presenter was engaging and brought humour to the webinar which is very much needed. More interaction may have been beneficial but it was a small group and it also balances out with the length of the session which was just right.

Webinar attendee 6 - 25/11/20

It was down-to- earth, relevant and thought provoking

Webinar attendee 7 - 25/11/20

Carol was very friendly and made the information flow very well.

Webinar attendee 8 - 26/11/20

Liked that the presenter shared personal stories / experiences that made it more relatable.

Webinar attendee 9 - 16/3/21

Useful tips and good examples provided . I will recommend this to colleagues

Webinar attendee 10 - 16/3/21

Really positive relatable session, loved it and made me thing about quite a few things. I'd also be interested to know if there was a recording of the session as it would be great to share this at my team meeting for those that can't make the planned sessions

Webinar attendee 11 - 16/3/21

I was a little bit hesitant on booking thinking I wouldn't benefit from the session but actually found it incredibly thought provoking and useful. Carol has a really engaging personality and great sense of humour making the session very enjoyable.

Webinar attendee 12 - 16/3/21

I found this really interesting both from a personal point of view and also as a Health Advocate

Webinar attendee 12 - 16/3/21

I felt that the information given was great. Very real and easy to relate to. Some useful tools moving forward.

Webinar attendee 14 - 7/4/21

Carol was a good assured presenter.

To book an appointment email us info@necounselling.org.uk or call 0191 466 1314 or click the button to register yourself

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