Mental Health Support in The North East of England

You may be struggling with something which is causing turmoil in your life, or you may have a niggling sense of things being not quite the way you want them to be. You may be thinking about getting some support but you don’t know where to turn to next or what to expect when you get there.

You might be stressed at work, struggling with your self-esteem or wondering if this is all there is. You may have lost someone dear to you or have a broken relationship which has rocked your world. You may be wondering if you are “normal” (whatever that is) or you may want to explore your relationship, sexuality or family life. You could be thinking your child may need some help. You may be thinking that your issue is trivial, however if it is affecting the quality of your life it’s not trivial.

Call 0191 466 1314 to arrange an appointment. Alternatively you can email or register with us using this button.

Our philosophy is to get you the right help as quickly as possible and to make it as affordable as possible. We know that waiting for months to see a therapist can make the situation worse, so we aim to get you in for your first appointment WITHIN ONE WEEK of booking.

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The work we do is confidential: no record of your attendance is shared with anyone without your prior knowledge and express permission, unless we feel that you are at risk of immediate harm.

We have over 50 counsellors on our books, so we can match you with the most appropriate counsellor for you. We conduct a consultation first of all and use the information you give at consultation to ensure you get the right counsellor. We can support anyone from 4 to 104 and we can work with couples or individuals. We can also provide FREE counselling to children and young people 9-25 in Gateshead, Carers in Gateshead and War Veterans in Gateshead.

  • Right support  - getting the relationship between you and the counsellor right is important.  We've got over 50 counsellors so we can make sure you get the right counsellor for you.
  • Right place - we offer face to face counselling in Gateshead, online and telephone counselling, and where required counselling in schools.
  • Right time - we can normally offer you an appointment within a week of registering

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Our clinical team is always developing. Either by bringing in counsellors with particular experience,
or giving newly trained counsellors an opportunity to develop their skills.

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